When it comes to high performance valves, Pro-Street out shines the competition. One-piece stainless impregnated by a special German process (.002 deep and .0002 surface build-up) to improve wear performance in cast iron or nickel-bronze guides. This adds up to a valve that lasts up to 4 times the life of chrome stem valves! Unaffected by today’s unleaded gas. All valve shapes were designed from the Baisley Hi-Performance flow bench for maximum airflow. Some of the fastest Harley-Davidsons® in the world run these valve designs!

Early style (1986-2003 5/16” stem valves) can be used in late (2004-up 7mm stem valves) heads if guides and springs are used to match, and vice-versa.

Weight 1 lbs

Engine Type

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