Zipper’s Torkster 883-1200 kit Increases Your 883’s Horsepower output by 63% and its Torque by 72%!  The key to this huge increase is Zipper’s High Velocity Stage II CNC headwork and carefully matched forged piston design. Your cylinders are decked on both ends, bored from 3” to 3.5” then honed on a state-of-the-art Sunnen SV-30. Heads receive Zipper’s CNC porting to Stage II specs and are fitted with new Step Lock valve guides, stainless steel valves and upgraded valve springs. This combination promotes a great power curve, with torque topping 80 ft/lbs and HP over 75 – with factory camshafts! Supplied with a quality top end gasket set.  Easy to install, fantastic results!

Note regarding late 2009-up 883 cylinders: Since the 883 was introduced in 1986,   H-D® used a thick iron insert in the casting that allowed the 3” bore 883 cylinder to be safely bored to 3.5” for 1200cc displacement. Mid-year 2009, this changed. Less cast iron was used, and the cylinders can no longer be bored to 1200 (see cutaway photo). If you can see aluminum on the outside of the cylinder spigot (arrow), your cylinders can not be bored to 1200 due to the step circled in red. We try to keep used, earlier versions in stock that we can use for these applications, but this is subject to availability and finish. Contact our sales department for availability. An exact color may not be available and you may need to paint to match your engine. H-D® sells color-matching spray paint you can use for this. We do not recommend powder coating as the heat required to cure the PC will alter the precision-bored finish of the cylinders.

*#517-912 Includes reconditioned ’04-‘E09 cylinders (see above note)

This kit uses your factory head & cylinder* cores sent in for modification

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Not legal for sale or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicle.
Not legal for sale or use on any EPA pollution controlled motor vehicle.

Weight 1 lbs