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Zipper's General Information About Emissions Compliance

Zipper's Performance Products is proud of its winning motorcycle racing heritage. With more than thirty years of racing history built into a wide array of performance products, Zipper’s offers professional, sportsman, and weekend racers some of the most competitive motorcycle parts on the market today. These parts are designed to give competitive racers the leading edge on the race track. Zipper’s Performance makes every effort to accurately label racing products intended for use on closed course competition motorcycles only; differentiating them from street-legal, everyday use products.

Use of select racing products, which may not be emissions-compliant, on highway motorcycles is subject to EPA and/or California A.R.B. regulations and could be considered tampering with your vehicle’s ability to meet emissions standards. Removing or tampering with EPA or CARB-regulated equipment on your motorcycle is a violation of federal and, possibly, state law. Ultimately, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine suitability of parts for their motorcycle application and ensure compliance with emissions regulations.


Performance Exhaust Systems Emissions Information

Exhaust products featured on this website are not equipped with emissions catalysts but have application fitments listed for use on motorcycles originally equipped with catalytic converters.  Be Advised! Replacing a catalytic converter-equipped exhaust system on a highway motorcycle with a non-catalyst performance exhaust product is legal for closed-course racing use only, and is not intended or legal for use on emissions-controlled highway vehicles. Installation of a non-compliant exhaust system on a street motorcycle is considered tampering with that vehicle’s ability to meet EPA and/or California A.R.B. Emissions standards. Vehicle emissions tampering is a violation of federal and, possibly, state law. Prior to purchasing any exhaust product, determine if your motorcycle exhaust was originally equipped with a catalytic converter. If you are unsure, consult with an authorized Harley-Davidson® Parts Specialist who can provide you with information about emissions restrictions on your motorcycle.  Due to limited access to catalyst exhaust application information on certain Harley-Davidson® models, Zipper’s Performance Products is unable to provide a comprehensive list of motorcycles originally equipped with or without catalyzed exhaust.