Custom Carburetors / Performance Carburetor Services



Close to 100K users of S&S® carbs are believers in the transformation that the addition of a ThunderJet® makes to S&S® carburetors, allowing the tuner the ability to obtain a stable air fuel ratio. We offer complete carbs or services to your core with several stages of complex modifications to improve performance and drivability for all types of engines including 124-131 CI engines.

Best use on small displacement 88”95 and moderate Output 103” engines. Includes installation of a high volume ThunderPro ThunderJet system, fixed air bleed is now adjustable bleed and external bowl vent machining.

For High Output 103-113 CI engines w/Ported Heads, Cams. Includes high volume ThunderPro adjustable air bleed. Flow rate is increased on main discharge tube and venturi is altered and enlarged to change signal rate of specific circuits. This package quickly remedies typical over-fueling problems at specific throttle positions and RPM from the main jet circuit associated with larger displacements.

Designed specifically for large displacement engines. This system allows for a balanced fuel curve on the most difficult to tune large displacement engines.

All fuel circuits are re-configured for the required signal rate in large displacement engines. This carb system will yield excellent results at any RPM or load making it easier to enhancing lower E.T.’s thru a stable AFR. Engine stability is greatly improved at light load cruise operation.

Zipper’s offers Custom Carb Services “HPCV” for CV Carbs too. This service greatly improves throttle response and power on the factory CV carburetor, too! Highly recommended by the Zipper’s Engine Experts

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