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#217-010 Zip Kit with Khrome Werks HP+ 3.5" Back Cut Mufflers Double click on above image to view full picture

2009-2016 Touring Model Zip Kits with Slip-On Mufflers

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2009-2016 Touring Model Zip Kits with Slip-On Mufflers retain factory header pipe. No new bike responds to intake, exhaust and tuner upgrades like a new Harley® - you’ve got to let it breathe, and optimize the tune!

See notes below regarding exhaust system compatibility for 2010-2013 models.

In compliance with ARB emissions laws, this product is not sold or shipped to California.

Price as configured: $0.00


No new bike responds to intake, exhaust and tuner upgrades like a new Harley® - you’ve got to let it breathe, and optimize the tune! That’s why Zipper’s Performance Products developed these Zip Kits for Big Twins and Sportsters®, and this is why you should consider a Zip Kit over other offerings:

    • Proven, Matched Components That Work
    • Smoother, Cooler, Better Running Engine
    • More Power At All RPMS – More Useable 6th Gear
    • Improved Starting, Sharper Sound, Immediate Improvement
    • Ready To Install, No Dyno Time Required
    • Easy Installation, Just A Few Hours To Transform Your Bike
    • Never Outgrow it – Supports Future Upgrades
    • High Quality, USA-Made Components
    • Kit Price Includes Package Discounts

Included in a Zip Kit is a Zipper’s MaxFlow performance air cleaner, performance exhaust of your choice and the cutting-edge ThunderMax® with AutoTune EFI Controller. The ThunderMax® gives you the flexibility of future performance upgrades with a simple download of a new map. Bolt-on and plug-in the Zip Kit to enjoy the immediate power, cooler and smoother performance and ride-ability gains that ThunderMax® provides!

Our Zip Kits for Touring models include a pre-mapped ThunderMax® EFI module and MaxFlow air cleaner kit; the kits on this page include your choice of slip-on mufflers but do not include replacement headers. 2009 49-state standard 96 and 103 inch models are supplied with an excellent performing factory header pipe equipped with 18mm sensor bungs installed in locations that are fully compatible with ThunderMax's® 18mm full RPM-range wide-band sensors. In 2010, H-D® changed the thread size and location of their narrow-band (limited RPM-range) oxygen sensors and added a catalytic converter to the collector area of the header. ThunderMax® can still work with a 2010-up header, but 18mm bungs will need to be added to the factory catalyst-equipped header in the 2009-style location, and the factory 12mm narrow-band sensors must be removed and capped. If this modification is not an option for you, we suggest a Zip Kit with headers - see our other Touring model Zip Kits!


This product is not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.

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Customer Reviews

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Difference is night and day Review by E.M.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my complete satisfaction with the ThunderMax® Electronic Control Module (ECM) and Red Shift ® 575 cams. My 2009 Street Glide® is an excellent motorcycle. However, while it had a decent amount of torque it was somewhat lacking in horsepower. This became more pronounced when I was riding with baggage for a weekend (or longer) trip and a passenger. I had to insure I had my RPMs up when I was accelerating from a stop, and I had to give myself sufficient room to pass someone on a two-lane highway. So I had Zipper’s install a MAXFlow Air Cleaner, 4” D&D back-cut slip-on mufflers, Red Shift® 575 cams, a ThunderMax® ECM (with Auto Tune), and 106” cylinders.

The difference is night and day! I haven’t put the bike on a dyno yet, but the increase in both horsepower and torque is off the charts! I picked the Red Shift® 575 cams because they deliver lower RPM power. The Street Glide® is a heavy bike and wouldn’t benefit overly much from a higher horsepower/lower torque set up. The end result is I have a staggering amount of power between 2000 and 4000 RPM, where I do most of my riding. No longer do I have to worry about increasing my RPMs off the line with a heavy load, and I certainly don’t have to worry about giving myself an inordinate amount of time to pass someone on a two-lane highway. But the true joy of this combination of Red Shift® Cams, ThunderMax® Auto Tune ECM, and larger cylinders is felt on the “twistees,” the wonderful back roads all motorcyclists love to ride. I don’t have to downshift as much as I used to have to do since I have so much power as low as 2,000 RPMs. And I have an incredible amount of power to come out of the turns with or to climb the steep parts of the road. And the amount of sheer, raw power when cruising at highway speeds is positively intoxicating. I have and have had very fast motorcycles in my life. In 1971 I bought a Norton® 750 Commando in London. I owned a 1999 Sportster® Sport that I modified with cams and a Supertrapp® exhaust. And I currently also own a 2002 Wide Glide® which has been dynoed at 106 horsepower and 111 foot pounds of torque. And my Street Glide® walks proudly in that heritage with the newfound USABLE power that I’ve gotten from the Red Shift® 575 cams, ThunderMax® Auto Tune ECM, and 106” cylinders. I plan to ride to Sturgis, SD this summer with my wife and then cruise the Black Hills. Now I am REALLY looking forward to the ride. My Street Glide® can handle anything now. (Posted on 10/13/2015)

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