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#309-362 ThunderMax® With AutoTune For 2008-2013 Throttle-By-Wire Touring Models Double click on above image to view full picture

ThunderMax® With AutoTune For 2008-2013 Throttle-By-Wire Touring Models



ThunderMax® is an industry award winning, performance ECM designed specifically for EFI equipped Harley Davidson® motorcycles. This highly advanced, stand-alone tuning system utilizes proprietary AutoTune technology specificly designed to interface with wide-band oxygen sensors to automaticly adjust a wide range throttle positions and RPM ranges to deliver unmatched performance and driveability like no other product in the industry. ThunderMax® is made in the USA and comes 100% assembled, ready to install with no wire-cutting or splicing required. Simply replace the factory ECM and oxygen sensors, load a map, and enjoy your new ride!

In compliance with ARB emissions laws, this product is not sold or shipped to California.

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How You Ride, Where You Ride, Every Ride!

Would you like to have full control of your EFI system, freedom to make major or minor engine changes or tuning adjustments without a master’s degree in electronics and computers? Here is a simple solution—ThunderMax® with Wave Tune AutoTune! The ThunderMax® is a completely new product that replaces the factory electronic control module (ECM), not an add-on box or post-fuel signal modifier. The ThunderMax® is purpose-built to deliver uncompromising performance with advantages not possible with post-fuel or flash systems - but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to install, program or make adjustments to it.

Just how easy is it? Installation is a straightforward plug-in replacement of the factory module and oxygen sensors*1. The ThunderMax® TMax Tuner software contains hundreds of base maps that cover most popular factory and aftermarket combinations, dyno-developed on real motorcycles. Choosing a map is a quick and easy process thanks to TMax Tuner’s sorting filters; loading a map takes less than a minute. After that, you’re ready to let the ThunderMax’s Wide-Band AutoTune system dial in idle and warm-up settings for your engine and you’re ready to ride!

During your ride, every time you ride, ThunderMax’s® Wave Tune AutoTune analyzes, adjusts and anticipates the air/fuel ratio read by the wide-band oxygen sensors at warp speed during every cylinder fire and makes any necessary adjustments to the injector pulse width to achieve the desired air/fuel ratio while compensating for variations in injectors, fuel pressure and exhaust flow. With every tank of fuel, at every temperature or elevation. That’s it! All you have to do is ride.

As simple as it is to install and use, don’t be fooled into thinking that this not one of the most sophisticated systems you can buy for your Harley®. Using the supplied Tuner software, you can adjust or monitor virtually every parameter of the system:

    • Idle Speed & Rev Limit
    • Closed Loop AFR Targets
    • Igniting Timing
    • Accel Pump Simulation
    • Start Fuel Pulse
    • Decel Pop Control
    • Speedometer Calibration
    • Read Diagnostic Codes
    • Running Statistics / Logs
    • Engine Temp Alarm
    • Live Engine Tuning
    • Live Monitoring & Recording
    • Dealer Digital Tech Compatible
    • Warm-up Settings
    • And More!

While this system does not require a dyno to achieve a smoother, cooler, excellent running engine, that does not mean it’s not a dyno-friendly device! Experienced tuners will appreciate its live-tuning capabilities with real-time monitoring and the ability to control all of the systems tuning parameters, knowing that AutoTune will keep the final tune from deteriorating as ambient conditions change. Advanced level software is available for technicians wishing to create a custom tune, add nitrous or install a forced-induction intake.

ThunderMax® also employs industry-leading tech support though its internal data-collection system that quickly communicates directly with the ThunderMax® support team should there ever be a need. ThunderMax® Technicians can quickly review recorded data streams, data stored within the module and information about the bike and system with just a few clicks of a mouse!

The ThunderMax® makes more sense in the long run as the system can grow and change as your engine does—just load a new map! ThunderMax® software, firmware and maps updates are accessible 24/7 with an Internet connection so you’re only a mouse-click away from the latest available data. Each ThunderMax® includes an ECM, 2 wide-band oxygen sensors with harness, communication cable, software disk and comprehensive instructions. The ThunderMax® is designed and manufactured right here in the USA and backed by a 3-year warranty!

*1 ThunderMax® uses 18mm Wide-Band oxygen sensors, which unlike the factory narrow-band sensors read over the engines full rpm range for constant full-time feedback and adjustments. Certain year bike exhaust systems are equipped with 18mm sensor ports, others may have 12mm ports or none at all. Check application notes for compatibility.

Download the ThunderMax® software for free! CLICK HERE!

ThunderMax® includes wide-band, 5-wire oxygen sensors that thread into 18mm x 1.5mm bungs located near the exhaust port, same thread size and location as stock narrow-band, 2-wire sensors used on 2008 and 2009 Touring model exhausts. Starting with 2010 models, all Touring bikes are equipped with a catalytic converter in the headpipe collector area. The oxygen sensors used by H-D® on 2010 and later Touring models are smaller (12mm threads) heated 4-wire, narrow-band sensors located just forward of the catalytic converter near the transmission. The ThunderMax® sensors must be mounted in the 2008-2009 location, up near the cylinder head exhaust port. If you are retaining the original equipment 2010 and later exhaust header or have already purchased a pipe configured for 2010-up style 12mm sensors, 18 x 1.5mm bungs will need to be added to the existing headers in the upper location (near the exhaust port as on 2008 and 2009 models), with the lower 12mm sensors removed and ports capped. If using a not-yet-purchased aftermarket exhaust pipe, order an exhaust system for a 2009 model (pipe fitment is the same for 2010-2013 models) and your ThunderMax® sensors will install without modification. If you already have an aftermarket exhaust designed for a 2010 and later model Touring bike, you will need to install bungs as mentioned previously if the system is not equipped with dual bung locations.


This product is not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.

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Customer Reviews

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Throttle by wire ThunderMax Review by John J.
I have never had such instantly astounding results with any performance product. This unit made my 2009 stock Ultra Classic into a new bike!
It greatly improved everything from a flawless idle, smoother shifting, a huge increase of power at all ranges to name a few. Then increasing my rev limiter to 6100 and lowering my idle a bit all in a few minutes is awesome. This unit is so easy to program and I look forward to adding some cams and exhaust and downloading a new map and fine tuning it for free.
The best part is that I will never have to pay $350 to have the HD dealer install an inferior map and NOT fine tune anything every time I change something on my motorcycle.
Thanks ThunderMax! (Posted on 6/8/2015)
I have over 20,00 Miles with this unit Review by Mac
I have FLHR 2013 with SE STAGE IV street KIT, MVC CNC heads, 58MM TBW Throat body, SE259E cams, ThunderMax, J&P microfiber oil filter, all three magnetic drain plugs, RhineHart True Duals, Motor Was built the Day the Scooter Arrived at the Harley shop from the factory as it was a special order with ABS, Cruise, and security system. Got the bike with kit and ran ok; added the ThunderMax and RhineHart true duals and it woke it up... The team of the ThunderMax manufacture's display at Daytona bike week fine tuned the scooter form me at biketoberfest in the fall or 2013. I came back to Destination Daytona again during Bikeweek in March of 2014 and the tech team wanted to know how I was doing I said I had another 10,000 miles on it and they performed a second session; and it just keeps getting better and better!!!!

I tune the scooter about every 2- 3, 000 miles as it is only making very small adjustments especially with the current May 2014 Firmware upgrade in the ECM Module now!!!!!

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this module!!! (Posted on 6/8/2015)
I bought the ThunderMax Throttle-By-Wire in Dec of 2012, awaiting my finishing some upgrades on my motor. Had it running in my bike all of April now.

First, let me tell you I read every review Zippers had on the TM. There must have been 250 or more. I knew somewhere there would be that guy that said 'this thing isn't any good'... right? Well, I searched and searched for any negative comments. There just wasn't any.

I finished putting my motor together right about March of 2013. I had no difficulty installing it. Changing the 02 sensors, routing the cables, protecting one under the bike, the other went directly to the nice protected spot under the right side cover. Plugged in the ECM and prayed she'd start. She did. She's been perfect ever since. The motor is just gett'n betta' and betta'! I have never had such a sweet running, powerfully tuned motor in my life.

Are you tired of other dyno tunes where you get the best they can give you at top speed, and you realize you're chugging and bucking at slow speeds when you need to be slow? Oh yeah. Tired of paying them $350 for a one time take what you get and be happy? Oh yeah. This bike has had 4 or 5 other devices. Now, it just reads the learned fuel offsets from riding 100-200 miles, all speeds, powering on, driving in 30mph zones, everything, and it self adjusts your Air Fuel Ratios perfectly. I can hook up my little laptop to the bike, link to the ECM, and do an Auto Tune which improves several hundred tune points in a minute or two, and she's sweeter than she was before.

My buddy who use to ride behind me smelling the richness of my exhaust - and told me about it many times, now says he smells nothing, and the only thing he sees is the back of my bike as he falls farther and farther behind when I want to snap the throttle. The tuning, along with the engine mods, just kick butt!

So never again will anyone get $350 for a half-a-tune. Plus, if I decide tomorrow to turn this baby back into a 96" engine, the TMax will handle that too - for nothing.

In a word, "SWEET!" It gives the motor everything its capable of making, low and high speed.
(Posted on 6/8/2015)

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