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Specialty Lubes and Fluids

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    Cleans fuel injectors and removes intake valve deposits for increased fuel economy and power output, while providing additional top end lubricant. Restores that ‘snap’ that today’s modern fuel injected engine slowly loses over time. Available in 4 oz (treats up to 25 gallons) or 16 oz (treats up to 100 gallons) bottles.
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    Red Line® Assembly Lube is a high protection lubricant that clings to metal surfaces. Designed to be used as a lubricant applied to potential wear surfaces before assembly, in order to prevent metal contact upon startup before adequate lubrication is supplied. Provides three times greater film strength than conventional black Molybdenum Disulfide greases and will not clog oil filters. This product clings to all surfaces and is an excellent rust inhibitor, allowing the storage of parts for years. A thin film of protection is all that is required on mating parts. Red Line® Assembly Lube is an excellent corrosion inhibitor and can be used on machined surfaces to provide long-term corrosion protection. Do not use on exhaust bolts or other high temperature bolts which require an anti-seize. Red Line® Assembly Lube is available in a 4oz tub, 1/2oz mini jar, or 12oz squeeze bottle.
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    Red Line® Synthetic CV-2 Grease outperforms the best conventional or synthetic greases and lubes. CV-2 Grease withstands extreme temperature and pressure in wheel bearings, U-joints, and high-angle CV Joints. CV-2 Grease offers excellent high-temp stability, extreme-pressure protection, and water resistance, and can be used in a variety of applications with operating temps from -100°F to 500°F. Strong resistance to oxidation and corrosion, low evaporation and oil separation with a minimum effect on rubber seals. Contains an organic moly for chassis lubrication and high temp/high speed industrial equipment. Synthetic fluidity allows increases in bearing life up to 200%. Will darken after high-temp use-not detrimental to performance.
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    Red Line® Waterwetter® Coolant Additive is a unique agent for cooling systems that doubles the wetting ability of water. Rust and corrosion protection allows for use of straight water in racing or reduced antifreeze levels in warm climates. Waterwetter® improves heat transfer and reduces cylinder head temperature, and may allow more spark advance for increase power and efficiency. Use one bottle for most passenger cars and light trucks, treats 3 to 5 gallons or 13.2 to 15.9 liters. Vehicles with larger cooling systems should use two bottles. Small cooling systems should use 1oz (3 to 4 capfuls) per quart. Compatible with new or used antifreeze (including DEX-COOLTM and long-life versions) to improve the heat transfer of ethylene and propylene glycol systems. Satisfies ASTM D2570 and ASTM D1384 corrosion tests for glycol-based antifreezes.
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    Red Line® SuperCool with WaterWetter® is a convenient, pre-mixed coolant for motorcycles, ATVs, karts, etc.-pour and go! Blended with purified, deionized water and proper WaterWetter percentage, Red Line® SuperCool reduces rust, corrosion and electrolysis; cleans and lubricates water pump seals. Compatible with all antifreeze and coolant. Satisfies ASTM D2570 and ASTM D1384 corrosion tests for glycol-based antifreezes.
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