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Charging Systems

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    As low as: $122.99

    High output 3 phase charging systems are standard on late model EFI H-D®’s. The Compu-Fire 40 AMP / 3 Phase charging systems can be used for replacement on EFI bikes or as an upgrade on carburetor models.
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    As low as: $261.49

    These 32 amp Compu-Fire charging systems include the three components necessary to keep the battery charged for carbureted Evolution and Twin Cam® engines. These systems include a custom wound stator with the correct engine case plug, a precision balanced rotor with the magnets permanently attached and splines machined to match factory or aftermarket sprocket shaft, and a black finned series type voltage regulator with the voltage output calibrated to meet maintenance free battery requirements.
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    As low as: $94.29

    Quality replacement single-phase components from Compu-Fire. Compu-Fire rotor magnets are permanently attached with a proprietary gluing process and then the assembly is dynamically balanced to exceed factory specifications. The splined hole is properly sized to fit either OE or Aftermarket engines and spacer washers are supplied to fit all applications. Compu-Fire stators are manufactured with high quality copper windings and O.E. style molded case plugs. Compu-Fire voltage regulators have series type circuitry which allows both the stator and regulator to operate at a lower temperature by controlling the stator output. When the battery reaches full charge, the stator output is switched off by the regulator. The output voltage of the regulator is calibrated to meet the charging requirements of modern maintenance free batteries. The regulators are available in a chrome billet or black finned case.

    1981-1988 model Big Twins can upgrade to 32 amp using the 32A components
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    As low as: $58.95

    If you’ve broken teeth on your starter ring gear, there is no reason to buy an entire new clutch shell. Primo’s replacement starter ring gears are made from high grade, heat treated steel and are designed to bolt onto the factory shell after the original equipment gear has been removed.
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    As low as: $374.95

    Spyke Super Torque starters crank the big engines using a standard battery. Spyke starters have 46% more cranking torque, made possible through higher output motors and gear reduction. Easy, stock-like installation and your choice of finishes.
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