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#309-382 ThunderMax® With AutoTune For 2012-Up Softails® (CAN BUS) Double click on above image to view full picture

ThunderMax® With AutoTune For 2001-2016 Softails®



ThunderMax® is an industry award winning, performance ECM designed specifically for EFI equipped Harley Davidson® motorcycles. This highly advanced, stand-alone tuning system utilizes proprietary AutoTune technology specificly designed to interface with wide-band oxygen sensors to automaticly adjust a wide range throttle positions and RPM ranges to deliver unmatched performance and driveability like no other product in the industry. ThunderMax® is made in the USA and comes 100% assembled, ready to install with no wire-cutting or splicing required. Simply replace the factory ECM and oxygen sensors, load a map, and enjoy your new ride!

In compliance with ARB emissions laws, this product is not sold or shipped to California.

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Due to inaccessible communication cable port on ECM once installed on Breakout® and 2011 FXCWC Rocker® models, #309-456 data port communication harness is required.

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How You Ride, Where You Ride, Every Ride!
Would you like to have full control of your EFI system, freedom to make major or minor engine changes or tuning adjustments without a master’s degree in electronics and computers? Here is a simple solution—ThunderMax® with Wave Tune AutoTune! The ThunderMax® is a completely new product that replaces the factory electronic control module (ECM), not an add-on box or post-fuel signal modifier. The ThunderMax® is purpose-built to deliver uncompromising performance with advantages not possible with post-fuel or flash systems - but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to install, program or make adjustments to it.

Just how easy is it? Installation is a straightforward plug-in replacement of the factory module and oxygen sensors*1. The ThunderMax® TMax Tuner software contains hundreds of base maps that cover most popular factory and aftermarket combinations, dyno-developed on real motorcycles. Choosing a map is a quick and easy process thanks to TMax Tuner’s sorting filters; loading a map takes less than a minute. After that, you’re ready to let the ThunderMax’s Wide-Band AutoTune system dial in idle and warm-up settings for your engine and you’re ready to ride!

During your ride, every time you ride, ThunderMax’s® Wave Tune AutoTune analyzes, adjusts and anticipates the air/fuel ratio read by the wide-band oxygen sensors at warp speed during every cylinder fire and makes any necessary adjustments to the injector pulse width to achieve the desired air/fuel ratio while compensating for variations in injectors, fuel pressure and exhaust flow. With every tank of fuel, at every temperature or elevation. That’s it! All you have to do is ride.

As simple as it is to install and use, don’t be fooled into thinking that this not one of the most sophisticated systems you can buy for your Harley®. Using the supplied Tuner software, you can adjust or monitor virtually every parameter of the system:

    • Idle Speed & Rev Limit
    • Closed Loop AFR Targets
    • Igniting Timing
    • Accel Pump Simulation
    • Start Fuel Pulse
    • Decel Pop Control
    • Speedometer Calibration
    • Read Diagnostic Codes
    • Running Statistics / Logs
    • Engine Temp Alarm
    • Live Engine Tuning
    • Live Monitoring & Recording
    • Dealer Digital Tech Compatible
    • Warm-up Settings
    • And More!

While this system does not require a dyno to achieve a smoother, cooler, excellent running engine, that does not mean it’s not a dyno-friendly device! Experienced tuners will appreciate its live-tuning capabilities with real-time monitoring and the ability to control all of the systems tuning parameters, knowing that AutoTune will keep the final tune from deteriorating as ambient conditions change. Advanced level software is available for technicians wishing to create a custom tune, add nitrous or install a forced-induction intake.

ThunderMax® also employs industry-leading tech support though its internal data-collection system that quickly communicates directly with the ThunderMax® support team should there ever be a need. ThunderMax® Technicians can quickly review recorded data streams, data stored within the module and information about the bike and system with just a few clicks of a mouse!

The ThunderMax® makes more sense in the long run as the system can grow and change as your engine does—just load a new map! ThunderMax® software, firmware and maps updates are accessible 24/7 with an Internet connection so you’re only a mouse-click away from the latest available data. Each ThunderMax® includes an ECM, 2 wide-band oxygen sensors with harness, communication cable, software disk and comprehensive instructions. The ThunderMax® is designed and manufactured right here in the USA and backed by a 3-year warranty!

*1 ThunderMax® uses 18mm Wide-Band oxygen sensors, which unlike the factory narrow-band sensors read over the engines full rpm range for constant full-time feedback and adjustments. Certain year bike exhaust systems are equipped with 18mm sensor ports, others may have 12mm ports or none at all. Check application notes for compatibility.

Download the ThunderMax® software for free! CLICK HERE!

SPECIAL NOTE FOR 2012 AND LATER SOFTAILS® - ThunderMax includes wide-band, 5-wire oxygen sensors that thread into 18mm x 1.5mm bungs located near the exhaust port, same thread size and location as stock narrow-band, 2-wire sensors used on 2007-2011 Softail® model exhausts. Starting with 2012 models, the oxygen sensors used by H-D® are smaller (12mm threads) heated 4-wire, narrow-band sensors. The ThunderMax wide-band, 18mm sensors must be mounted in the 2007-2011 location, up near the cylinder head exhaust port. If you are retaining the original equipment 2012 and later exhaust headers or have already purchased a pipe configured for 2012-Up style 12mm sensors, 18 x 1.5mm bungs will need to be added to the existing headers in the upper location (near the exhaust port as on 2007-2011 models), with the 12mm sensors removed and ports capped. If using a not-yet-purchased aftermarket exhaust pipe, order an exhaust system for a 2007-2011 model (pipe fitment is the same for 2012-2016 models) and your ThunderMax sensors will install without modification. If you already have an aftermarket exhaust designed for a 2012 and later model Softail®, you will need to install bungs as mentioned previously if the system is not equipped with dual bung locations.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR 2006 SOFTAIL® MODELS - In mid-year 2006, H-D® changed the configuration of the stock 3.91 injector spray pattern for 88" engines from 8 to 25 degrees. ThunderMax® maps are availble for both 8 and 25 degree injectors used in 2006 bikes. To determine which injectors your 2006 bike is equipped with, search H-D® Service Bulletin M-1185 on the Internet for identification instructions.


This product is not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.

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Customer Reviews

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Big Difference over the others Review by AVISCOMI
Well I got fed up with the heat and poor performance of my Bassani PRO STREET EXHAUST SYSTEM TURN OUTs along with the FP3 as a tuner. I installed the D&D Bobcat and ThunderMax today and man what a difference. The bike pulls like a SOB and the heat was cut by 150 degrees on the pipes at the manifold as per IR thermometer. Not sure if I'm crazy about the looks of it on a Slim, but the performance makes up for it. (Posted on 10/4/2017)
Completely changed the way the bike rides Review by A.V.
Bike runs like a banshee with the D&D Bobcat and ThunderMax! I was running a Bassani Pro Street Turn Out exhaust system along with the FP3 as a tuner and the performance sucked, not to mention the heat. Now the bike pulls like a SOB and the heat was cut by 150 degrees on the pipes at the manifold as per IR thermometer. Not sure if I'm crazy about the looks of it on a Slim, but the performance makes up for it. (Posted on 10/4/2017)
absolute best fuel control and management computer system on the market Review by P.R.
"This has to be the absolute best fuel control and management computer system on the market.  I am running a 106" Stroker (recently custom built) with mostly S&S internals (with few exceptions), V&H 2 into 1 and I get relatively close to stock gas mileage (somewhere between 32-35 MPG).  You just can't beat the performance and fuel economy with anything else, not to mention it makes that 106" Stroker purr!  Awesome product!  Keep up the good work!"

P.R. – Sent via Facebook (Posted on 9/28/2017)
More Power Review by J.J.
"I, too, am running a ThunderMax on my '08 FXSTC. Stock 96” with Khrome Werks Slash Cut slip-ons and a Big Sucker Stage-I intake . More Power is just a twist of the throttle away. It runs cooler with more power and I still get 42+ MPG."

J.J. – Sent via Facebook

“I love my ThunderMax on my 2008 FXSTC. Stock 96, Python Venom Radius 2:2 AN Big sucker. Lots of power (I run out of nuts before the ThunderMax will!) and great fuel mileage. No popping! Excellent product and excellent support, next day email responses. It's all good. Thanks ThunderMax! Great product!

Next request is to be able to program the weather with the Auto Tune, of course!"

J.I. – Sent via Facebook

(Posted on 9/28/2017)
running much better Review by rob
“I installed a ThunderMax on my 2007 Harley-Davidson® Nightrain®. My engine is running much better than before and I reduced the RPM to 700 rpm. Now the engine isn't getting hot like before. For me, the ThunderMax is a great product. Keep on rolling.”

Rob via Email
(Posted on 9/28/2017)
Wowwww Review by TG
I have a 2001 Fatboy. I had a Vance and Hines fuelpak and I liked it, but I read a lot of great things about the Thundermax with Autotune so I bought one and installed it. In a matter of minutes the difference was obvious. With the fuelpak, if your leg touched the exhaust for a tenth of a second, it would burn your skin off. With the Thundermax I deliberately pressed my leg onto the exhaust while riding. I was a little warm, but NOwhere near the other unit. More importantly: The bike is also clearly more powerful and smoother running.
A++++++ (Posted on 9/3/2017)
The Best! Review by G.N. & D.N.
My wife and I are in Meadows of Dan - MP 174.2 of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We have ridden about 650 miles so far - likely another 650 before we get home. You guys are the best. The new TMax on my wife’s Fat Boy is working perfectly. Thanks for the adjustments. The performance upgrade on the Ultra Glide is outstanding - I don't mind downshifting, but I could get away without it. I love the kick I get any time I apply the throttle. Digging thru the Parkway at 45 to 50 in 4th is an absolute blast. Getting up to 60 takes about a second. If you know Luray, VA, you know when coming out of town there is a steep hill on 211 as you leave Uncle Buck's Restaurant. I inadvertently started off in 2nd - and just ate that hill up. Thanks everyone - you are a great team. Thanks Bob - you are a genius with your toolbox. (Posted on 10/13/2015)

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Brand ThunderMax®
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Model Softail®
Engine Type Big Twin®
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