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Ignition Coils, Plugs and Wires

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    As low as: $91.99

    Zipper's has designed a dual coil mounting kit that is simple, functional and looks great. Developed to use H-D® style coils, these bracket kits include a top motor mount, special coil bracket, chrome steel coil covers and stainless steel mounting hardware. This system mounts the coils between the cylinders on the left side with the coil wire outlets facing in. Horn relocation may be required on some models. Coils not included.
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    As low as: $3.75

    Dyna’s ignition coils provide spark voltages in excess of 30,000 volts and spark energies second to none. Generally regarded as very powerful and virtually bulletproof, these coils are available in two mold shapes; replacement Harley® style or Dyna’s familiar post-mount type with angled plug towers. The post-mount coils are generally used on racers and require custom mounts or some fabricating. The 6 volt, 1.5 ohm coils work well on dual plugged engines running dual-fire ignition systems that require 3.0 ohms coils. When wired in series, the ignition reads the two coils as one 12 volt, 3.0 ohm coil.
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    As low as: $74.95

    Spyke’s high energy coils are excellent for stock replacement or single-fire upgrades. The single-fire coil is actually two coils in one housing that fits in the stock location. These are 3.0 ohm coils that work great with pre-Twin Cam® Zipper’s, Dyna 2000, Crane HI-4, Spyke, Screamin’ Eagle® and Compu-Fire digital ignitions. Has extremely quick rise/fall times and fires at low voltage for easy starting. Packs a whopping 80,000 volts. Requires resistor wires and plugs. Order 2 for dual plug applications.
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    As low as: $12.50

    Dynatek Twin Fire® coils are designed to be used with single-fire microprocessor equipped (electronic advance) ignitions. Dyna’s Twin Fire coils feature the same fast rise times, high energy and 30,000+ volts output as their other popular coils. The advantage of using a Twin Fire coil is it is actually two coils in a single housing, designed to bolt to stock mounts and simplify coil mounting in single-fire applications. Each outlet operates independently of the other (front cylinder, rear cylinder). A four outlet model is also available for dual plug, single-fire use. The 4-tower coils are slightly larger than the 2-tower coils; stock coil covers will not fit without an optional coil cover bracket. These coils are NOT designed to be used with Dyna ‘S’ or other mechanical advance ignitions. Not for use on Twin Cam® applications except where noted.
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    As low as: $22.19

    Every little bit counts when tuning for that last bit of available power. Using these spark plug indexing washers will allow you to face the open side of the electrode towards the fuel charge instead of it being masked by the grounding strap on the plug. Five each of three different thicknesses are included in 12 or 14mm size.
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