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Ignition Coils, Plugs and Wires

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    As low as: $14.99

    Autolite’s Platinum plugs deliver the highest performance you can buy in a spark plug. A full platinum power tip assures gap integrity and protects the engine from horsepower robbing gap erosion, while the computer designed insulator burns off deposits for anti-fouling and heat range control. Fine Wire center electrode and trimmed side wire focuses ignition power to enhance combustion initiation.
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    As low as: $2.95

    Autolite standard plugs have always provided consistent performance in any engine. Superior materials are used in the construction of these plugs for no-compromise performance and long life.
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    As low as: $103.49

    Blue Streak coils feature quicker rise times and more spark energy than factory coils. Durable designs and compact packaging with vibration resistant housings provide uncomplicated installations and long life. Blue Streak quality, value priced and compatible with stock or most aftermarket ignitions.
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    As low as: $91.99

    Zipper's has designed a dual coil mounting kit that is simple, functional and looks great. Developed to use H-D® style coils, these bracket kits include a top motor mount, special coil bracket, chrome steel coil covers and stainless steel mounting hardware. This system mounts the coils between the cylinders on the left side with the coil wire outlets facing in. Horn relocation may be required on some models. Coils not included.
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    As low as: $3.75

    Dyna’s ignition coils provide spark voltages in excess of 30,000 volts and spark energies second to none. Generally regarded as very powerful and virtually bulletproof, these coils are available in two mold shapes; replacement Harley® style or Dyna’s familiar post-mount type with angled plug towers. The post-mount coils are generally used on racers and require custom mounts or some fabricating. The 6 volt, 1.5 ohm coils work well on dual plugged engines running dual-fire ignition systems that require 3.0 ohms coils. When wired in series, the ignition reads the two coils as one 12 volt, 3.0 ohm coil.
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