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Transmission / Drive Line

Looking to upgrade your transmission or drive line? Zipper’s Performance Products knows a high performance hot rod often requires highly resilient transmission and drive line components, clutches or even a chain conversion. We’ve done the research for you and offer many drive line performance products. Zipper’s extremely popular Chain Conversion Kits take the hassle out of converting your late model belt drive. Looking for clutch that’s easier on your hand? Bandit® and VPC clutches can handle big engine upgrades while easing the ache in your hands.
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    One of the less desirable byproducts of increased power is the need for a clutch spring upgrade, and the additional lever effort it requires. By adding the Variable Pressure Clutch (VPC) devise, clutch plate holding pressure is reduced at lower RPM’s, and increased as RPM rises, reducing the chance of clutch slippage as power builds. the VPC system reduces initial pressure and uses weights and centrifugal force to increase pressure as RPM builds. Clutch lever effort is reduced up to 50% at idle and low RPM, resulting in less hand fatigue, smoother engagement and easy neutral location.
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    Use to create room for VPC weights when using non-stock, flat-back derby cover. Billet aluminum spacer moves cover out for additional clearance. Requires 2 open-center derby cover gaskets.
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    We’ve taken the hassle of converting your late model belt driven H-D® to chain drive. Whether you’re interested in a different final drive ratio, added driveline strength or more clearance for a wider tire, these kits will make your life easier. Kits are available with durable, high wearing RK Pro O-Ring chains (best for street use) or RK's brutally strong, non-o-ring DR (Drag Race) chain.