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Transmission / Drive Line

Looking to upgrade your transmission or drive line? Zipper’s Performance Products knows a high performance hot rod often requires highly resilient transmission and drive line components, clutches or even a chain conversion. We’ve done the research for you and offer many drive line performance products. Zipper’s extremely popular Chain Conversion Kits take the hassle out of converting your late model belt drive. Looking for clutch that’s easier on your hand? Bandit® and VPC clutches can handle big engine upgrades while easing the ache in your hands.
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    As low as: $56.90

    Zipper’s is the source for the Bisagno Bros. billet 5 speed Big Twin transmission door! This heavy-duty door originally designed by Frank and John Bisagno is now being produced by Zipper’s. Its main features are the double-row ball bearings used to support the main and countershafts. Stock single-row bearings allow the shafts to flex considerably, causing accelerated wear on the gears and frictional power losses. This door holds the shafts straight and true for much needed additional support. Shifting is improved and more precise. Supplied show polished with spacers and shaft nuts for assembly. Beautiful polished finish, Made in USA!
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    The ‘Zip-Rack’ is a fully assembled shaft and gear set that has been treated with our famous back-cut service. We start with a full set of new Andrews gears and shafts. The engagement dogs are carefully machined to the proper rake and depth by Zipper’s for positive engagement, eliminating missed shifts at high RPM. The gears and shafts are assembled with new thrust washers and bearings, then installed on a billet door. Big Twin models are assembled using our billet transmission door specially machined to include super-strong double-row ball bearings which minimize shaft flex while providing the best support and strength possible. Black powder coat finish. Sportster® Note: 817-180S is designed for street and part-time racing use; for full-race cut, order # 817-180R (additional charge).
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    As low as: $299.95

    CNC machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum, our door strengthens this critical area and provides rigid support for the transmission shafts. Includes grade 8 mounting hardware, shift drum bushing, main and countershaft ball bearings and circlips installed for your convenience. Made in USA.
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    As low as: $459.95

    This trap door can be used as a heavy duty stock replacement or as a rigid backbone for drag racing and high output 4 speed alternator-equipped Sportsters®. Includes a heavy-duty, double-row mainshaft bearing for extra strength and stability for the clutch and shafts. The double-row bearing greatly reduces the clutch shell rocking that occurs under power - which leads to damaged alternator rotor magnets and stators when contact between the two is made. It is a direct bolt-on replacement and includes mounting hardware and countershaft bearing. Made in USA.
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    In high output applications, we’ve seen the primary bearing race on 1985-2007 models that is pressed onto the main shaft walk in to the main drive gear and damage it, requiring expensive repairs. This unit replaces the two-piece H-D® bearing with a single sealed unit, similar to the earlier model bearing used successfully for years. Requires the seal listed below for wet applications. Fits all 1985-2007 Big Twins; requires # 872-527 seal and original equipment bearing and race removal.