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Top End Components

Unlock the hidden potential of your engine with powerful Top End upgrades from Zipper’s Performance Products. Zipper’s Performance keeps specially CNC-machined heads in stock for super-quick turnaround (on an exchange basis) for Twin Cam® and Sportster® engines. Twin Cam® big bore cylinder conversions for 88 to 95” and 98" plus 96 to 103” and 107" fitted with forged pistons in many different compression ratios for fast turnaround or exchange. Zipper’s Performance also stocks pistons, valves, guides, valve spring kits, and other critical top end parts from the industry’s most renowned manufacturers.
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    As low as: $2.25

    Piston kits include rings, wrist pins and circlips. In compliance with ARB emissions laws, this product is not sold or shipped to California.
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    As low as: $34.95

    These replacement ring sets by Hastings are the same as supplied in every new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle engine. The top ring is a barrel faced, moly filled design from which long life, proper lubrication & scuff free service can be expected. The 2nd ring is reverse torsion type; oil ring is the famous Hastings ‘Flex-Vent’ 3-piece design, which exerts uniform pressure on the cylinder wall while providing 200% more drainage capacity than conventional one-piece oil rings. Sold in sets for 2 pistons.
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    To: $395.50

    When it comes to high performance valves, Pro-Street out shines the competition. One-piece stainless impregnated by a special German process (.002 deep and .0002 surface build-up) to improve wear performance in cast iron or nickel-bronze guides.