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Red Shift® Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners

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New Red Shift® Dual Piston Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioners are the "Go-To" product for all Twin Cam® engines using hydraulic chain tensioners. This revolutionary new design is simple and effective, improving cam chain tension stability, hydraulic performance, and valve train control for a quieter, better running engine.

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Red Shift® Dual Piston Tensioners feature design and manufacturing improvements for superior performance over the stock tensioners. When the Twin Cam® engine is running, the power pulses rock the factory single-piston tensioner shoe. The stock shoe movement causes the tensioner piston to unseat at the base, interrupting the pressurized oil system and introducing air into the tensioner. This introduction of air diminishes the pressure that the tensioner shoe places on the cam drive chains, resulting in poor valve train control. This loss of control contributes to engine noise and “bounced” components including valves, spring collars, rocker arms, pushrods, lifters and camshafts.

Benefits Include
- Dual Piston Design Eliminates Chain Instability & Tensioner Shoe "Rocking"
- Facilitates Accurate Cam Timing Events for Both Cylinders
- Tolerates Common Crankshaft Run-Out (Unlike Gear-Drive Cams)
- Improves Throttle Response, Acceleration and Across-The-Board Power
- Larger Reservoir Increases Oil Flow to the Tensioners for Better Hydraulic Performance
- Precision CNC Machined and Made From Superior Materials

Red Shift® Tensioners’ dual-piston design reinforces shoe and hydraulic stability, eliminating harmful air leaks in the tensioner system. By creating reliable overall valve train control and durability, Red Shift Tensioners will reduce engine noise and wear on valve train parts.

Red Shift® Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners are the finest tensioners on the market, engineered with superior manufacturing and design. Red Shift® Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners are manufactured in the U.S.A., from high-quality aluminum, premium wear-resistant plastic and automotive grade hydraulic tensioning bodies. These tensioners are manufactured to extremely close tolerances to ensure maximum valve train control and engine performance. Patent # 8,535,187

Red Shift® Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners fit all 2007-up Big Twin engines, 2006 FXD engines, and all 1999-2006 Twin Cam® engines converted to hydraulic tensioner systems.



Red Shift® Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners & Oil System Upgrades 
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Customer Reviews

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Great product! Review by B.S.
I just installed Zipper's Red Shift® Cam Chain Tensioners, Red Shift® 525 cams, inner bearings and Fueling® lifters. I remapped my ThunderMax® and my Trixie runs great! Great products guys! (Posted on 10/13/2015)
My son found this 2002 Ultra Classic for me on Craigslist... cheap. It needed repainting which will be done soon. Otherwise he was told by the "original" owner, who was a retired "Certified" HD mechanic… who did all his own work on this bike… that it was a 95 inch motor with a .510 S&S cam, etc. Long story short the seller was the fourth owner. He was never an HD mechanic and did not actually know what was in the bike.

While installing new cam chain tensioners, my mechanic discovered it has an Andrews cam similar to a .510, which he thought would have been bigger for a 95 inch. After new brakes, rotors, tires, tensioners and installation of the ThunderMax, there's still a lot we don't know about this bike. However, what we do know is this thing runs like a batt. Gobs of torque, very smooth... no pings or hiccups, great mileage, etc. We still don't know what's in this bike, but the ThunderMax does and that's all that matters. Great product. Well worth the money. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY. (Posted on 10/13/2015)
Piece of mind when you're a thousand miles from home. Review by Don
Building for reliability and a moderate increase in torque and horsepower on a 2012 FLHTC, I had researched common failure points on twin-cam engines. I was in the process of replacing cams, cam plate, oil pump, and inner cam bearings, and my plan was to go to gear drive cams initially, but with a crank run-out measurement of 0.005" with only 10K miles on the engine, I decided to stick with chain drive for now. I've got a bagger with an S&S T124 pushing 148TQ and close to 160 HP, so it's not like I need another maintenance-intensive tire-shredding beast.

In order to make the best of that chain drive valve train and improve reliability, I decided to install the Red Shift Dual Piston cam chain tensioner.

In a side-by-side comparison, the Red Shift unit is clearly of superior quality and design than the stock unit. Obvious differences include CNC machining versus cast, and twin pistons versus a single piston. The wear shoes, by design, are much more stable with less lateral movement and rocking. Installation was simple. If you're replacing your cams, you might as well install these while you're in there. For $159 bucks, you won't have to worry about your cam chain tensioners, ever.

Is it quieter? Hell if I pipes are loud so I can't tell. All I know is that when I'm flying down the Interstate at 85MPH a thousand miles from home, if something breaks, it isn't going to be my cam chain tensioners. (Posted on 6/8/2015)

3 Item(s)

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