Red Shift Cams® Performance Cams for 2007-Up* Twin Cam Engines
587-HS: This cam was designed and optimized to be the best bolt-in cam for the CVO 110 platform, dramatically increasing power and torque across the entire RPM range. Unlike many other cams, the 587 was designed to work with the larger valves and heavier springs that the CVO engines are equipped with. Specially designed cam lobe ramps ensure quiet operation of these heavier parts, while the lobe profiles take advantage of the high flow CVO heads to develop more power to red line.

By designing the 587 specifically for the components found in the CVO 110 engine, no compromises were taken to allow the cam to be used widely in other applications. By focusing in on the special CVO 110 head, the result is a textbook smooth torque curve that never loses from the factory setup from 2,000 on with a well-designed exhaust system. The horsepower curve doesn’t “nose over” at 4,500 rpm like the factory-equipped camshaft, it revs freely and pulls to nearly 6,000 rpm for a true hot-rod feel. The difference is simply amazing for a bolt-in cam. This setup should produce around 200psi cranking compression in an unmodified engine. Although much higher output options are available for the CVO 110 engine from Zipper’s, the Red Shift 587 is the best option for anyone looking to let their engine breathe without opening up the top end.

This camshaft was created for the CVO rider who wants his motorcycle to perform as good as it looks!


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This product is not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.

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7 reviews for Red Shift Cams® 587 for 2007-2017 CVO 110 Twin Cam® Engines

  1. 5 out of 5

    Solid upgrade Hello anyone that's interested. I just installed these (587) cams along with S&S tapets, adj. pushrods, and Torrington bearings, in a 2016 HD Steet Glide CVO 110. Prior to the install, the motor and bike was basically in stock form with the exception of a D&D 2:1 fatcat exhaust W/ghost pipe and V&H FuelPak FP3 tuner. I'd say before these cams, the bike ran strong, but as all of you know, and as mentioned by Zippers, it would fall on its face in the higher RPM range so I decided to give these cams a try before really ripping into the motor...i.e. head work, pitons..etc. Here are my results, and also, what I've learned. The bike is most definitely better in the higher RPM range and worth the investment providing you are just looking for that. If you're looking for full beast mode, I'd say you will need to do more than just these cams. For me, I was just looking to improve on the dead spots, and for that, I'm very please and would highly recommend the 587's. The bike also runs much soother, revs freely, idles awesomely, and much, much cooler temps. Almost shocking on how cool the bike runs now. lastly, here is my recommendation on tuner vs full dyno. I started with a full "dyno tune" but ended up reinstalling the FP3 with a moded tune by the V&H support team to support the new config and cams. Why; the bike just ran better with the FP3 download vs the dyno tune - I know this is hard to believe, and most will call BS, but seriously, just use your tuner! Unless you have a dyno shop in your town that will spend the hours and time to really dial you in, just use your tuner. Dyno numbers: HP - 103, TQ - 114 using the tuner with a flat torque curve. The dyno tune had similar numbers: HP - 96, TQ - 113 but truly a messy torque curve and idle. Best of luck!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Perfect Upgrade Bike originally dynoed at 92 HP and 103 TQ with Arlen Ness a/c & D&D 2:2 headpipe & D&D slip-ons. Upgraded the cam chest on my 13 SE ULTRA, installed SE plate w/pump, Zippers tensioners & this cam and the result was just what I was looking for. Took it back to my local shop for tuning again and it produced 103 HP and 119 TQ, got extra power and still reliable. Perfect upgrade for anyone that wants to maximize all the power that the CVO 110 can have.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Wow Grampa can move I have a 2008 CVO Ultra Glide Classic with factory cams and shoes. Just 30, 000 miles on it. Shoes show excessive wear and the cam was starting to lose its hardness. I believe this was from over springing this engine. Changed it all out and put in this cam. World of difference, I was not so worried about getting off the line but having the ability to get out of trouble or pass when and where I liked. This cam does it all, as others have said totally different bike. Got the 114 too and 100 hp. The bike is so much quieter and smoother. Thanks guys this was a great investment and just loving the ride.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Outstanding cam Put it in a twin cam big bore 117 ,great gains and smooth pull all the way through. Not one complaint.

  5. 4 out of 5

    '' WOKE THE BEAST UP '' I did a lot of research before getting this cam i wanted something that would drop in not ready to pull the motor out and go all out the bike runs very well as is wanted a little more ZIP (pun intended) There are alot of cams but few were made specifically for the 110 so after a lot of thought and research I took the plunge while I was in there I also went with the dual piston chain tensioner and the oil valve set up spent the weekend installing after priming the oil lines put the plugs in and stated it up let it idle for about 15 min with the carpet blower cooling it down checking for any od noise or leaks everything was working as it should now time to hit the road went easy for about 20 miles just letting everything settle in so now the best thing for last the motor was so quiet and smooth rolling out in the gears no dead spots and it didn't fall off as the stock would power band held all the way the torque was incredible my opinion this cam is second to none if you are looking for a drop in cam without pulling the heads and jugs This is a True Winner all around I did the lifters and cam bearings and cam plate oil pump and the rocker arm bushings i used the stock pushrods Ride safe Eng13

  6. 5 out of 5

    Totally different bike!! After riding an 88ci for years, when I got my 09 CVO Ultra I thought I was riding a hot rod. I didn't know what I was missing. After I installed these cams and loaded the new map in my ThunderMax, this thing really did come alive. The exhaust sounds more aggressive. Acceleration is awesome. Torque comes on early and doesn't fade. Before these cams, I could get decent acceleration at highway speed, but now this thing has so much torque that I find myself checking to see if I forgot to shift into sixth gear. Twist the throttle and hang on. It may be my imagination, but it even seems to be running cooler. Overall extremely happy with these cams.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Amazing torque Bolted this cam into my CVO engine and could not be more pleased with the results.

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