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Top End Components

Top End ComponentsUnlock the hidden potential of your engine with powerful Top End upgrades from Zipper’s Performance Products. Zipper’s Performance keeps specially CNC-machined factory heads in stock for super-quick turnaround (on an exchange basis) for Twin Cam® and Sportster® engines. Twin Cam® big bore cylinder conversions for 88 to 95” and 96 to 103” are also stocked, fitted with Wiseco forged pistons in three different compression ratios for fast turnaround exchanges. Zipper’s Performance also stocks pistons, valves, guides, valve spring kits, and other critical top end parts from the industry’s most renowned manufacturers like AV&V®, Axtell®, Baisley®, Crane®, Hastings®, JIMS®, Manley®, S&S®, and Wiseco®.

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