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Ignition Systems

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    As low as: $81.95

    The Thunderbolt nosecone internal ignition is designed to fit all Evolution® Big Twin and Sportster® models, as well as ‘70-up Shovelhead and ‘71-up Iron XL’s. It is fully contained within the cam cover, replacing the externally mounted module on all models originally equipped with electronic ignitions.
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    As low as: $78.95

    The Twin Tec External Ignition Module is designed to fit all Evolution Big Twins and Sportsters® to 1997. It mounts in the stock location and features many easy to program options. Two advance curve families with adjustable advance slopes can be programmed using the external dial switches, or you can plot your own curve using a PC with the optional software and cable kit. Rev limit is digitally set in 100 RPM increments and you can choose between single or dual fire operation, with or without multi-spark. It’s all housed within the compact billet housing that plugs into the factory harness on 1991 and later bikes; earlier models require a separate wiring harness. Backed by a one year warranty.
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    As low as: $54.50

    Here’s a largely misunderstood part. The Vacuum Operated Electric Switch (V.O.E.S.) was standard equipment on all Evolution® engines and works in conjunction with most all late model electronic ignitions, both factory and aftermarket. It senses high and low manifold vacuum and signals the ignition to change its advance slope. Under high load, the switch signals the ignition module to electronically retard ignition timing to reduce the possibility of detonation. In low-load conditions such as cruising at light throttle, the ignition stays in the advanced mode for increased fuel economy and lower operating temperature. All controlled by the magical V.O.E.S. switch! Available with the switch activation pre-set to operate at 4, 5 or 6” of Mercury for your calibration requirements. If your pre-Twin Cam® engine doesn’t have one, it should.
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    As low as: $349.95

    The Coil-Combo Digital Ignition is designed for use in custom bike applications where any engine equipped with a crank sensor (like a Twin Cam® or late EV) is going to be used. It consolidates all ignition components into a small, easy-to-mount package.
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    As low as: $295.00

    This ignition is packed with features that drag racers will love. You can simply set initial (0-25°), and maximum (20-40°) advance at your desired RPM using the external display and programming buttons, or fully plot your individual front and rear cylinder curves using the supplied software and a laptop or PC.
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