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    Ensure your new pipes are installed leak-free with new gaskets and flange hardware—leaks at the head affect engine tuning and are a decel-pop enabler. For all Evolution® and Twin Cam® model engines.
  2. $4.49
    Here’s a simple, quick fix for annoying decel popping on pre-2009 Touring model bikes with stock headpipes and low restriction, straight-through style mufflers.
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    This is an old racer’s trick that has gained popularity lately for both style and function applications. Some riders just like the look, but there are performance (retains the most heat in your exhaust system) and comfort (reduces the most amount of radiant heat) benefits as well. Charcoal black color; sold in a 50 foot roll. Figure you’ll need approximately 40” of wrap per foot of 1-7/8” diameter straight pipe (more for bends).