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Transmission / Drive Line

Looking to upgrade your transmission or drive line? Zipper’s Performance Products knows a high performance hot rod often requires highly resilient transmission and drive line components, clutches or even a chain conversion. We’ve done the research for you and offer many drive line performance products. Zipper’s extremely popular Chain Conversion Kits take the hassle out of converting your late model belt drive. Looking for clutch that’s easier on your hand? Bandit® and VPC clutches can handle big engine upgrades while easing the ache in your hands.
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    These conversion sprockets will allow you to convert your Big Twin to chain drive and gives you room to run a wider tire. Ideal for racers wanting the extra strength of a chain, clearance to run different tires and simplified gear changes. 6 SPEED - Choose standard offset of .500”, or extra wide offset of .750” (custom fabrication required for .750”).
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    These transmission belt pulleys allow you to change your final drive ratio for faster acceleration or lower RPM cruising on the highway. Installation notes - Changing the final drive ratio will affect speedometer reading; ECM adjustment or a Speedometer Calibration Module may be required to correct reading. Generally speaking, a 1-tooth change can be performed without a belt length change; more than 1 tooth may require changing belt length. Rear axle position adjustment required for each pulley tooth change is +/-.125" (3.2mm), while rear axle position adjustment required for each belt tooth change is +/-.280" (7.1mm). Check axle travel and availability of belts before ordering!