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Transmission / Drive Line

Looking to upgrade your transmission or drive line? Zipper’s Performance Products knows a high performance hot rod often requires highly resilient transmission and drive line components, clutches or even a chain conversion. We’ve done the research for you and offer many drive line performance products. Zipper’s extremely popular Chain Conversion Kits take the hassle out of converting your late model belt drive. Looking for clutch that’s easier on your hand? Bandit® and VPC clutches can handle big engine upgrades while easing the ache in your hands.
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    As low as: $191.00

    Upgrade the suspension on your Harley® with the high quality IKON adjustable shock absorbers and premium fork springs. A suspension upgrade is one of the best improvements you can make on your motorcycle, fully transforming the riding experience for both the rider and passenger. For the rear, IKON shocks are fitted with progressively wound springs that soak up small bumps smoothly and get increasingly stiffer as they travel, so you don't experience back-jarring bottoming on bigger road irregularities. To improve control, 4-position rebound damping is adjusted without tools by simply turning a dial located at the top of the shock, and three levels of spring preload is set using the included spanner wrench. Several lengths are available to allow you to raise, lower or maintain the factory ride height of your motorcycle. For the front, IKON's progressively wound springs replace the spongy factory units for improved ride and control when ridden aggressively. Both are surprisingly affordable, excellent upgrades and are easy to install. To measure the length of your shocks, raise the rear wheel off the ground or fully extend the rear suspension to measure the center-to-center length of the shock absorber at the center of the mounting bolts.
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    As low as: $36.95

    These conversion sprockets will allow you to convert your Big Twin to chain drive and gives you room to run a wider tire. Ideal for racers wanting the extra strength of a chain, clearance to run different tires and simplified gear changes. .750” offset sprockets are a direct bolt-on for 1995-up 5-speed models; 1985-1994 models require a seal and spacer kit listed below (#850-344). 5 SPEED - Choose standard offset of .750”, or extra wide offset of 1.060” or 1.310" (custom fabrication required for .810” and 1.060”).
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    As low as: $53.95

    American-Made rear wheel sprockets for 1973-up wheels. Choose from light weight 7075-T6 aircraft quality hardened aluminum alloy or high quality carbon steel. Manufactured in full width for size 530 chain, for maximum strength. Available in dished (.245" offset) or flat for standard Harley® 3.250" bolt circle 5-bolt pattern. 1994-2002 tube-frame Buell 5-bolt pattern available in flat only. Note: if replacing a sprocket provided in a Zipper's chain conversion kit, measure the center hole size of your existing sprocket and order the same center hole replacement.
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    As low as: $23.99

    These sprockets are offset towards the engine case in a stock application, and use a flat rear sprocket. Direct bolt-on for ‘91-’94 models; ‘95-'05 models require a seal and spacer kit # 850-940.
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    As low as: $37.00

    One of the less desirable byproducts of increased power is the need for a clutch spring upgrade, and the additional lever effort it requires. By adding the Variable Pressure Clutch (VPC) devise, clutch plate holding pressure is reduced at lower RPM’s, and increased as RPM rises, reducing the chance of clutch slippage as power builds. the VPC system reduces initial pressure and uses weights and centrifugal force to increase pressure as RPM builds. Clutch lever effort is reduced up to 50% at idle and low RPM, resulting in less hand fatigue, smoother engagement and easy neutral location.
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    As low as: $549.95

    Bandit’s® racing history dictates that their clutches are the standard by which all others are judged! Bandit® Sportsman Superclutches for ‘90 and later Big Twins features legendary Bandit® durability that drops right into the stock clutch shell and requires only minor outer cover modifications.
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