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Top End Components

Unlock the hidden potential of your engine with powerful Top End upgrades from Zipper’s Performance Products. Zipper’s Performance keeps specially CNC-machined heads in stock for super-quick turnaround (on an exchange basis) for Twin Cam® and Sportster® engines. Twin Cam® big bore cylinder conversions for 88 to 95” and 98" plus 96 to 103” and 107" fitted with forged pistons in many different compression ratios for fast turnaround or exchange. Zipper’s Performance also stocks pistons, valves, guides, valve spring kits, and other critical top end parts from the industry’s most renowned manufacturers.
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    AV&V’s CNC-machined valve guides are made from Manganese bronze alloy which allows tighter clearances for improved heat dissipation, quiet operation and long life.
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    AV&V’s valve seals are made from a special Viton compound that can resist higher temperatures than standard Viton seals. Manufactured to fit tighter on the guide – stays put! For this reason we recommend AV&V’s Valve Seal Driver tools for installation.