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Sprockets & Chain Conversion Kits

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    As low as: $99.95

    These conversion sprockets will allow you to convert your Big Twin to chain drive and gives you room to run a wider tire. Ideal for racers wanting the extra strength of a chain, clearance to run different tires and simplified gear changes. 6 SPEED - Choose standard offset of .500”, or extra wide offset of .750” (custom fabrication required for .750”).
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    We’ve taken the hassle of converting your late model belt driven H-D® to chain drive. Whether you’re interested in a different final drive ratio, added driveline strength or more clearance for a wider tire, these kits will make your life easier. Kits are available with durable, high wearing RK Pro O-Ring chains (best for street use) or RK's brutally strong, non-o-ring DR (Drag Race) chain.
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    As low as: $158.95

    These transmission belt pulleys allow you to change your final drive ratio for faster acceleration or lower RPM cruising on the highway. Installation notes - Changing the final drive ratio will affect speedometer reading; ECM adjustment or a Speedometer Calibration Module may be required to correct reading. Generally speaking, a 1-tooth change can be performed without a belt length change; more than 1 tooth may require changing belt length. Rear axle position adjustment required for each pulley tooth change is +/-.125" (3.2mm), while rear axle position adjustment required for each belt tooth change is +/-.280" (7.1mm). Check axle travel and availability of belts before ordering!
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    As low as: $359.95

    Axle & Adjuster Kit for 2009-Up Touring Models - Zipper's NEW axle and adjuster kit for 2009-up Touring models allows precise adjustment and alignment of the rear wheel, replacing the factory cam-type adjusters. This kit is supplied with a chrome-moly axle and severe-duty slider-style chain adjusters, eliminating the hard-to-align cam adjusters. Conveniently, this system bolts-on and does not require modifications to the swing-arm. Contact us today for any additional inquires about this kit.
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    As low as: $9.95

    This is a sealed chain, lubricated with a special vacuum-injected grease and locked in by durable Nitrile Butadine rubber o-rings, available in metallic silver, gloss black, gold or black plates with gold pins finish. It has shot-peened and polished link plates, with a tensile strength of 9,000 lbs for long, long life and reduced maintenance
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