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Engine Bottom End / Oil Pump

Today’s big inch, high performance Harley® engines produce a lot of power with just a twist of the throttle. That power can be a lot of fun, but can also create a lot of stress and wear on critical bottom end and oil pump components. Additionally, a healthy, well-performing oiling system is critical to ease the heat and stress of fast-moving, high demand parts like pistons and cams. If you’re considering a big inch build, or want to upgrade parts on an existing engine, Zipper’s Performance offers the strongest, most reliable and innovative components on the market. Here you’ll find the latest offerings from Zipper’s as well as notable manufacturers like Feuling®, JIMS®, S&S® and Timken®.
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    As low as: $399.95

    Feuling® high volume oil pumps are perfect for Twin Cam® performance applications.
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    The Feuling® Race Pump is made from 7075, hard anodized billet aluminum and blueprint-built to the tightest tolerances for the uncompromising racer. Features 4140 chrome moly gerotor gears for higher scavenge volume and more oil pressure. Recommended for full race and performance street applications.