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Cam Chest / Valve Train

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    Rivera’s Taper-Lite™ pushrods are designed to be installed without rocker box disassembly, greatly reducing cam installation time. Light weight rods are from aircraft quality aluminum and are tapered for increased strength, and use a 3/8"-40 aircraft quality adjuster for rigidity. Adjuster length accommodates pushrod removal without engine disassembly. Strong and light!
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    S&S roller rocker arms are forged from 4140 steel, heat treated and shot-peened for additional strength and protection from long-term fatigue. These rocker arms ride on 3/4” wide bushings (stock is 1/2”), and feature a modified lubrication system for unrestricted roller oiling. Because the bushings are wider, we recommend new rocker shafts are used during installation if original shafts show wear in the bushing area. Available for Twin Cam® and EV engines in stock 1.62:1 or higher lift 1.725:1 ratio (modifications required), and Shovel engines in 1.5:1 ratio.
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    JIMS® has engineered a kit for Shovel owners that updates the top end oiling to EV style. Kit includes chrome plated, billet tappet blocks and special Powerglide® lifters, pushrods and roller rocker arms. Oil is fed through the lifters and pushrods directly to each rocker arm, instead of through the rocker boxes, for equal distribution. Eliminates the external oil lines. The tappets maintain oil pressure better, run quieter on any type of cam and lubrication is improved because oil is now pressurized through the points of contact.
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    Solid adjustable tappets for ‘48-’84 Big Twins and ’57-’85 Iron Sportsters®. Tappets are threaded for adjusters and locknuts (sold separately). Use with solid pushrods; we suggest our Red Shift cut-to-fit models for Big Twins.
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    JIMS® rocker arm shafts are perfect for rebuilds or new construction, precision-ground right here in the USA. A special model for EV and Twin Cam® racing engines is available that is drilled and tapped on one end for grease fittings, designed to be used on engines that run “dry” top ends (no oil feed to the rocker arms). Sold each.
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