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Cam Chest / Valve Train

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    As low as: $164.95

    There’s Power in These Pushrods! Admittedly, the weakest link in a Harley® performance engine is the valve train stiffness, or rather the lack of it. These high performance adjustable pushrods add much needed stiffness to the valve train.
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    Five speed Sportster® and Buell® engines require that you remove the cylinder heads and take off the one-piece pushrod covers to get to the pushrods, greatly complicating pushrod adjustments for tuning or maintenance when adjustable pushrods have been installed. These telescoping pushrod cover kits permit access to the pushrods without having to lift the heads. Pre-’04 XL and Buell XB kits include twin billet aluminum bases with special seals for the front and rear cylinders that replace the factory pushrod tube lower retainers. A full telescoping pushrod cover kit is included. The twin bases can be purchased separately if desired.
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    Strongest 3/8” straight-wall adjustable chrome moly pushrods we have! Unlike other 3/8” diameter pushrods, the pushrod and threaded adjuster section are machined from one piece of 145” thick-wall chrome moly. By not using an insert for the adjuster, the threaded portion remains a beefy 3/8” diameter, eliminating the chronic weak spot associated with ¼” diameter inserts. The large diameter adjustable base and locknut provide ultimate stiffness; combined with the 3/8” diameter rod, pushrod tube rubbing is eliminated. We recommend these pushrods for use in Twin Cam® engines with stock beehive valve springs and bolt-in cams for precise valve train control.
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    As low as: $46.50

    Our Pro-Taper pushrods are also available for the professional Evolution® engine builder who wants the stiffest adjustable pushrods available. The weakest link in an adjustable pushrod is the adjuster itself; keeping the pushrod adjuster as short possible helps maintain the highest resistance to deflection. For this reason we offer the Pro-Taper pushrods, sold each, in the fully collapsed lengths listed below so you can order exactly the lengths you need to keep the adjuster extension at a minimum, for maximum rigidity. Pushrods are chrome moly, .095” wall, 7/16” diameter at the bottom tapering to 3/8” at the top with a full radius rocker ball tip. Adjuster thread is 5/16” x 1.250” length, 32 TPI.
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    As low as: $21.65

    Need custom length pushrods? These solid pushrods are made from heat treated .065” wall seamless 3/8” chrome moly tubing and are supplied with full radius “Mae West” tips (drilled for oil flow) for use with the highest lift cams. They are supplied extra-long with one end unfinished, to be custom fitted by the engine builder. Cut, drill end .250”, ream 17/64”, press in tip. Use with adjustable lifters or customize length for hydraulic lifter pre-load. Sold each.
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