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Cam Chest / Valve Train

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    New Red Shift® Dual Piston Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioners are the "Go-To" product for all Twin Cam® engines using hydraulic chain tensioners. This revolutionary new design is simple and effective, improving cam chain tension stability, hydraulic performance, and valve train control for a quieter, better running engine.
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    The Oil Pressure Relief Valve is designed to limit the oil feed pressure at higher engine rpms, primarily to reduce excessive oil volume from being pumped to the top end. However, the factory-installed valve body does not have a concentric taper to seal on, and does not properly seal oil pressure when operating below the blow-off point (lower engine rpms). Baisley Performance’s Precision-Ground Oil Pressure Relief Valve has a concentric taper that is designed to seal the oil pressure below the blow-off point. This enhances and stabilizes the oil pressure at idle, and forces the oil to take the correct path to the critical areas of the engine; like the tappets, cam chain tensioners, piston cooling jets, and the top end.
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    A. Baisley® Hi-Performance LMR-2: 6.2 lbs of Seat Force, 14.2 lbs fully compressed. Baisley® springs offer increased seat pressure and overall spring force. Baisley® springs operate in a progressive manner, and are precision ground to exact lengths. #626-002
    B. Baisley Hi-Performance LMR-4: 7.0 lbs of Seat Force, 16.7 lbs fully compressedBaisley Hi-Performance springs operate in a progressive manner, and are precision ground to exact lengths. LMR-4 is best for use in large displacement engines with upgraded oil pumps and aggressive cams.#626-004
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    This is a new product designed and developed by the Axtell Mountain Motor team. This bypass valve consists of a precision-machined “needle and seat” that inserts in place of the factory oil pressure relief valve located within the Twin Cam® cam plate. With the Axtell valve you can expect higher, more stable oil pressure at all engine rpms, longer oil life due to reduced oil shear, lower oil and engine temperature, improved valve train control and reduced noise. Zipper’s recommends this for use with our Red Shift® Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners.
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    Cam change kits include genuine Torrington® brand full-compliment (no inner cage) inner bearings - the best you can buy! Specialized tools allow professional, damage-free removal and installation.
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