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Cam Chest / Valve Train

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    There’s Power in These Pushrods! Admittedly, the weakest link in a Harley® performance engine is the valve train stiffness, or rather the lack of it. These high performance adjustable pushrods add much needed stiffness to the valve train.
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    Want to stay 96”, or already 103” and just want to change cams? Zipper’s Red Shift® Cam Kits are available with our most popular grinds: Red Shift® 525’s, 527’s, 575's, 577's and 587’s. The part numbers listed below include Red Shift® cams, Torrington® cam bearings, and a James cam change gasket set – everything you need for a quick cam swap! (575 &577 Kit includes Pro-Taper pushrods, others use stock pushrods) In compliance with ARB emissions laws, this product is not sold or shipped to California.
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    Five speed Sportster® and Buell® engines require that you remove the cylinder heads and take off the one-piece pushrod covers to get to the pushrods, greatly complicating pushrod adjustments for tuning or maintenance when adjustable pushrods have been installed. These telescoping pushrod cover kits permit access to the pushrods without having to lift the heads. Pre-’04 XL and Buell XB kits include twin billet aluminum bases with special seals for the front and rear cylinders that replace the factory pushrod tube lower retainers. A full telescoping pushrod cover kit is included. The twin bases can be purchased separately if desired.
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    The cam support plate in a Twin Cam® engine not only supports the cams, it provides the manifold system used to distribute oil flow to all critical areas of the engine. It also contains oil pressure bypass valve, which is designed to redirect excess oil pressure from the manifold back into the pump. Once excess pressure is relieved, the bypass valve should close and direct all oil flow through the manifold system. Due to a number of issues, the factory parts used in this system typically do not seal (most we test leak 50% or more), causing available oil pressure and volume to fall below acceptable levels designed to protect critical engine components, especially at low RPMs and idle. Zipper's Billet Cam Support Plate is CNC-machined from high quality billet aluminum, which unlike the original die-cast plate, does not have inherent casting porosity (air pockets and pits). These porosity pits are highly prevalent in the seat area of the bypass valve; between these casting voids and the irregular shape of the factory bypass valve tip, the system cannot fully seal when the valve closes. When the bypass valve leaks, engine wear accelerates, noise increases and performance suffers, as the engine's hydraulic components (lifters, cam chain tensioners, piston cooling jets) do not operate as designed. These issues are amplified when performance parts such as cams and heads are installed. Each of our billet cam plates is blueprinted by our technicians and includes a spec sheet to assure the builder that it meets the specifications developed during our testing and R&D. This process provides increased oil flow throughout the entire engine, especially at idle and low RPMs when the oil pump is producing the least pressure. With this system installed, you can expect a quieter, smoother and longer-lasting engine! Features: - Stronger Billet Plate Design with Bronze Bushings, Free of Porosity with Added Structural Integrity - Hand-Sealed, Lapped and Pressure Tested Oil Pressure Bypass Valve - 50% or Greater Oil Flow at idle over Plates with Leaking Bypass Valves - More Stable Oil Pressure at all RPM's, and all Temperature Ranges - Prevents Wear on Critical, High Pressure Engine Components, Lengthening Engine Life - Models For '99-'06 Engines Set Up for Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioners and 2007+style Oil Pump - Compatible with Zipper's Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners - A Must for All Performance Engine Builds
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    Need custom length pushrods? These solid pushrods are made from heat treated .065” wall seamless 3/8” chrome moly tubing and are supplied with full radius “Mae West” tips (drilled for oil flow) for use with the highest lift cams. They are supplied extra-long with one end unfinished, to be custom fitted by the engine builder. Cut, drill end .250”, ream 17/64”, press in tip. Use with adjustable lifters or customize length for hydraulic lifter pre-load. Sold each.
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