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Cam Chest / Valve Train

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    Newly designed in 2007, this tappet has undergone extensive development to increase its load, lubrication, hydraulic and life capacities. The Powerglide® II, has all the advantages of it’s predecessor - billet steel body, superior hydraulic unit, roller perpendicularity held to .0002” and hand-honed hydraulic unit cavity; but its newest and most innovative feature is its pressure-fed oil passage that directly lubricates the axle, needle bearings and cam follower wheel.
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    JIMS® Roller Rocker arms are made from aerospace quality 4340 chrome moly steel, CNC machined and specially heat treated for durability. Critical areas of the arm are strengthened and material is removed where not needed for lighter weight. A roller tip made from bearing grade steel is incorporated to reduce valve and guide wear and 660 bronze bushings are used for stability, longevity and strength. Available for EV and Twin Cam® engines in stock 1.625:1, or higher 1.745:1 ratio for additional lift at the valve (modifications required). Shovel arms are 1.5:1 ratio. Uses stock or JIMS replacement rocker shafts (not included).
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    JIMS® has engineered a kit for Shovel owners that updates the top end oiling to EV style. Kit includes chrome plated, billet tappet blocks and special Powerglide® lifters, pushrods and roller rocker arms. Oil is fed through the lifters and pushrods directly to each rocker arm, instead of through the rocker boxes, for equal distribution. Eliminates the external oil lines. The tappets maintain oil pressure better, run quieter on any type of cam and lubrication is improved because oil is now pressurized through the points of contact.
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    Solid adjustable tappets for ‘48-’84 Big Twins and ’57-’85 Iron Sportsters®. Tappets are threaded for adjusters and locknuts (sold separately). Use with solid pushrods; we suggest our Red Shift cut-to-fit models for Big Twins.
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    For the builder who prefers a solid lifter, JIMS® has solid and solid-adjustable tappets. Solid tappets are designed to be used with adjustable pushrods, while Solid-Adjustable units include tappet adjusting screws drilled for top end oiling through the pushrod like stock, made from high strength 4340 chrome moly. Non-adjustable pushrods are used with Solid-Adjustable lifters, our Cut-To-Fit pushrods recommended.
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